Teach The Teacher

Teach The Teacher is a Certification Course presented by Bill Madonna, PGA Master Teaching Professional, designed to further the teaching abilities and increase revenues for those teaching the game of golf. 

The BMGA “Teach the Teacher” Certification Course includes the following topics and much more.

  • Bill’s “FOUR ABSOLUTES and ONE ESSENTIAL” of the golf swing
  • Make your student better right away!
  • Become known as an Expert
  • Teaching plans and record keeping
  • Measuring student progress
  • Putter through driver instruction
  • Using Video analysis
  • Learn to take off your teaching hat and put on your coaching visor
  • Teaching “Mental Toughness”
  • Coaching touring pros and low handicap adults and juniors
  • Growing your Business  – Increasing your income and profitability
  • Better manage your business schedule
  • Continue learning to be a great teacher
  • Increase your teaching ability by associating with great teachers
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“My time with Bill not only furthered my ability to teach it also made teaching a lot easier. I had much more structure in my presentation and the students improved while they were with me.”
-Mike Macina, Class A PGA Professional, Baltimore, MD

“I thought I was doing a good job until I realized teaching correctly requires an ability to make the student better quickly, not after a series of 6 lessons. Having an organized presentation, being able to deal only with facts, no theory, and seeing the student’s lights come on during the lesson has brought real joy to me on the lesson tee.
-Ernie Boshers, Class A PGA Professional, Atlanta, GA

“We have a ‘student response card’ that is to be filled out after the lesson. SInce I met Bill and took his course, I have had nothing but 5’s on a 1 to 5 scale. 5 is excellent! Listening to Bill and learning about his ‘Absolutes’ really took my teaching ability to another level. You can’t help but get better with the information gained form his course.”
-Terry Reed, Certified Instructor, Orlando, FL

“I have been around just about every great teacher you could name for the last 20 years. Each time I learned something that helped my own teaching ability. When I took Bill’s certification course, I not only became a better teacher, but more impiortantly my students got better much faster. They could tell I was a better teacher and they told other!”
-Jay Bowden, Class A PGA Professional, Baltimore, MD

“Before I met Bill my teaching was mediocre at best. He taught me that there are absolutes in golf….no theory or guesswork. The proper process and sequencing in the golf swing produces the effective outcome. My eyes have become keen to locating the major flaw that each student has and how to communicate their fix. My teaching is now much more clear and concise thanks to Bill’s certification course.”
-Tony Wilson, Class A PGA Professional, Orlando, FL