Spirit Of Golf

Attention: Principals, Athletic Directors,
Golf Coaches and Community Youth Leaders:

You or your coach can become an SGF Certified Golf Coach !
Coaching &Mentoring Junior Golfers
Golf Life Management™…at the heart of our mission

What is SGF?


Spirit of Golf Foundation, a non-profit organization, was created to serve as a valuable resource to make a coach, physical education teacher or youth counselor’s job easier and more productive. The real winners in this program are the thousands of boys and girls positively affected via their first exposure to the game of golf through an SGF Certified Coach. Our mission, “Coaching and Mentoring Junior Golfers”, specifically pertains to developing a child’s character, integrity, honesty, and respect for others by promoting the intrinsic values found in this great game. Becoming an SGF Certified Coach will enhance your position and give you the potential for greater recognition, income and respect in the golfing community.

What golf greats are saying…


“…SGF not only helps to enhance the skills of future golfers, but also stimulates their interest in pursuing the lifelong enjoyment and rewards of the game.”Arnold Palmer





“You are offering a great service that not only satisfies a real need, but is vital to preserving and promoting the game we love for the enjoyment of future generations.”Jack Nicklaus



What scholastic leaders are saying….

“On behalf of the teachers and students in our program, I congratulate the SGF Foundation for creating this educational opportunity.”

– Patricia A. Highland, Athletic Services, Orange County Public Schools, (FL)

“I believe an SGF Certified Coach would be the first choice of every Athletic Director wanting to deliver the best possible golf program at their school. Providing their students with a quality sports environment is every A.D.’s mission.”

– Jay Cottone, Athletic Director, Wethersfield H.S. (CT)

“I’m pleased to be a part of any organization that promotes the quality of lessons of life through the teaching process in any sport, and in this particular case, the sport of golf. I look forward to participating to extend that information and knowledge to golf coaches across America.”

– Robert Kanaby, Executive Director National Federation of High School Associations, Indianapolis

“Finally an organization that “Raises the Bar” in coaching golf. SGF is an opportunity for golf coaches to be on par with the coaches of all other sports. No longer is the golf coach just a chauffeur.”

– Danny Ninestine, Athletic Director, Port St. Lucie High School, Port St. Lucie, (FL)