About Bill Madonna

Bill is truly a “teaching professional”. He left a position as a Club Professional in 1975 and has spent the last 30+ years honing his skills as a teacher of the golf swing. Bill has worked with PGA and LPGA touring professionals, mini tour players, club champions and tens of thousands of amateurs of all skill levels around the world. Bill has developed an international reputation for improving golfers’ games by emphasizing Putting, Wedge and Driver techniques. Through his many years of teaching and helping golfers improve their games, he has become a nationally recognized, credentialed instructor.

GOLF Magazine and GOLF Digest has annually selected Bill as one of the “Top 100 Teachers in America” and Top Teacher in Florida. Bill is a PGA Master Teaching Professional, Less than 1% of the 27,000 PGA members, ever achieve this “MASTER” designation. Bill is a PGA Section “Teacher of the Year” award winner and has attended and directed teaching and coaching summits, teacher workshops, clinics and seminars and other golf instruction programs offered by the PGA for the last 25 years. He has spoken at international PGA Teaching Conferences and has given countless clinics and seminars for fellow PGA golf professionals.

The Bill Madonna Golf Academy (BMGA) is located at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Fl. and at the Orange County National Golf Club in Winter Garden, Fl.

Bill is also the founder of the United States Junior Golf Academy (USJGA) www.usjga.com a boarding/non-boarding golf facility. He has an on-going training program for assistants working at these facilities and continues to support teacher training for the PGA of America. Bill founded the Spirit of Golf Foundation (SGF) www.sgfusa.org, a nonprofit organization dedicated to training those who impact golf’s future. SGF provides training and educational materials to scholastic golf coaches, Physical Education teachers and youth counselors around the world.

“After over 30 years of teaching the golf swing, I am convinced that a sustained period of instruction is the best way to make immediate improvements that last beyond the lesson. Taking sufficient time to change the student’s perception and attitude about how to improve their game makes their journey more rewarding and my teaching much more effective.”

-Bill Madonna, PGA Master Teaching Professional



Top 100 Alumni Teachers

Top 100 Teachers – Alumni. The best instructors in the game! These teachers average 25+ years as “game changing gurus.” They know how to improve your game while you are with them! There are more than 28,000 PGA of America members, and GOLF Magazine uses only the 100 most elite among them to help you lower your scores, improve your swing, hammer the ball longer and putt the lights out.